North American Quilling Guild (NAQG) Board of Directors and Committee Descriptions

Our Committee Directors are always on the lookout for any NAQG member who would like to join. They hold meetings (via Google) to discuss ideas and plans. If you are uncomfortable with online meetings, then you can communicate with your Director via e-mail or telephone. The Committee Director will make sure that your voice is heard. There are many ways that you can help (maybe sending letters or telephoning members, visiting local stores to introduce people to quilling, being a roving reporter, etc.). The Director is responsible for presenting reports on what their committee is doing at Board meetings. These reports are summarized in the newsletter for everyone to read.
Questions? Email all Board members: allboardmembers(at)

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The Executive Director’s duties are to set-up and run Board meetings and provide the meeting minutes to the Newsletter Editor in the form of an article for the newsletter. The Executive Director is a rotating position. A new Executive Director is assigned after each quarterly board meeting from the Directors listed below.

Director Sherry Rodehaver
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The duties of the accreditation committee is to set the standards for accreditation. The committee will prepare all documents for the accreditation scheme, set rules and regulations for both judges and applicants, and oversee the running of the application process. The committee provides a guideline and definition of accreditation.

Director Lynn Paarmann
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The Archivist keeps an archival library and research documentation on quilling using all known forms and terms. He or she prepares and keeps current a database on articles, books, suppliers, videos, patterns/kits on quilling, and keeps a record of other quilling guilds or groups that may form. Please contact the archive committee if you know of any new books or articles, especially if you are being honored.

Director Sara Rodriguez-Miranda
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The Community Relationship and Development Committee is always seeking volunteers to serve as Regional Representatives in their geographic areas. In this role you will promote quilling and the NAQG. There are many possible ways to help, including: teaching beginner classes at libraries or community centers; contacting local newspapers; and submitting photos for publication. Other activities that help in this endeavor are contacting museums and art centers to learn about quilling pieces they may have in their collections. We would like to compile an accurate database of antique or other quilling pieces that may be viewed or visited by the public.

Director Shelly Krzyzewski
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The guild holds a quilling competition annually at the NAQG Conference.  The Competition Committee is charged with collecting project entries, setting up entries into various categories and levels, manning the tables at the conference, and distributing, collecting, and tallying the ballots.  The Committee Director announces the winners and awards ribbons at the Saturday night dinner.

Director Roxann Dragula
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The Membership Chairperson processes membership requests and provides an information package that includes: a welcome letter, North American Quilling Guild information, list of suppliers, Membership card, NAQG Bylaws, Membership Directory, and dues application. He or she updates the Membership Directory, provides labels for the newsletter, and answers requests for information.

Director Gail Freed
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The NAQG Conference (NAQGCON) Committee provides support for the annual NAQG Conferences. Their support includes setting up and reviewing guidelines for NAQGCON, they review and approve NAQGCON proposals, determine cost of NAQGCON, assist with contract language, are available to host(s) to advise and answer questions. They also prepare flyers and press releases.

Director Alice Harris
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The newsletter committee is responsible for collecting and writing articles as well as collecting and taking photos for the newsletter. The articles and photos are then formatted into Quill America, which is published and mailed to all NAQG members. If you are interested in helping out the committee in any aspect of this work or have an article or pattern for submission to the Quill America newsletter, please contact the Director.

Director Beth Clark
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The Treasurer collects and receives all funds belonging to the Guild and keeps them in a bank approved by the Board or Directors. He or she receives and pays all bills approved by the Board or Directors. At the close of the fiscal year, the Treasurer shall present the books for audit.

Director Rhonda Cole
Assistant Toni Swayze
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The Website and Internet Development Committee manage and maintain the online presence of the NAQG. This includes the NAQG website as well as the Online Chat and Message Board. The webmistress maintains the Guild website, including renewal of the domain name registration, maintain website hosting and update content on the website.  In addition, maintains a password protected directory and login information to members for access to the members’ only area of the site.