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Quilling, also known as Paper Filigree, Filigrana or filigree work, is the result of rolling or coiling thin strips of paper into delicate-looking shapes and using these pieces to form a design. This art form is very old and is traceable to the 15th century and possibly as early as the 13th or 14th century. It is believed that quilled items were used by French and Italian nuns and monks to decorate religious objects in order to simulate more costly handiworks such as carved ivory or wrought iron.

Although quilling appears delicate and ornate, it is amazingly simple and inexpensive. Great satisfaction is gained from the versatility of creating unlimited designs. Pieces can be created flat on a backing of paper or wood or free form 3-D stand alone objects designed for the home or as gifts such as greeting cards and framed items.

We hope that you enjoy the work you see in the quilling galleries below. May they be your inspiration to try something new.

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Framed work


Cards, Boxes, and other 'covered' objects



Featured Quilling Art Wedding Frame


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Antonella DeFalco
Antonella's Quilling Site
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