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NAQG Member Sites
Anne-Marie Peltier
Visit Anne-Marie's website for great inspiration, free patterns and lots of pictures.

Antonella DeFalco
Antonella's site is the place to go for beginner and experienced quillers alike.  You will find the largest collection of free instructions and patterns specifically geared toward quillers by the artist herself.

Bobbye Singer - Quill You Be Mine
Check out this wonderful collection of Bobbye's work.

Delphine - DEQUILLING World
This is a beautiful site with Delphine's original works - you have to see them to believe how beautiful they are!

Denise - "Custom Quilling by Denise"
Quilling supplies, tools, fringers, kits, books, punches, floral punch books, and online classes

Doreen - Creative Paper Quilling
Take a look at Doreen's creative quilling designs incorporated into various techniques.

Inna's Creations
Crafts, Kids, Quilling from Inna's Creations.

Japan Quilling Guild
Check out this blog from the Japan Quilling Guild.

Maggie's work
Maggie has her beautiful work on display at this site.

Molly Smith
A photo gallery of Molly's work, links, and handmade quilling tools and related quilling items.

Roxann Dragula - Quilling Supply
Quilling Supplies carries a large selection of Quilling supplies, books, tools and craft needs.

Sherry Rodehaver
Several albums of 3d pieces and miniatures, and framed realistic looking artworks.


Free Quilling Instructions

Coil Shapes
Instructions for making the basic Tight Coil / Tight Roll / Peg, Grape Roll, Loose Coil, Teardrop / Raindrop, Heart / Coil Heart and Open Coil / Scroll shapes.

Scroll and Spiral Shapes
Instructions for making Loose Scroll, S-Scroll, C-Scroll, Heart Scroll / Open Heart, Spiral, Double Scroll, Double Scroll with Tail, and Kissing S-scrolls shapes.

Fringed Flowers
Instructions for hand fringed flowers.

Spreuer or Onion Holder
Instructions for making Spreuer designs using an Onion Holder.

Shape Template
Nifty template for practicing your shapes using different length strips.

Quilling Supply Sites

Custom Quilling by Denise
Providing quilling supplies, quilling tools, punches, free pattern, scrapbooking, forum, quilled creations for all occasions & online quilling classes.

Elegant Quilling (site down for maintenance)
West Coast online quilling supplier of Paplin quilling products, kits, books, and other accessories.

Lake City Craft Company
The world's largest manufacturer and supplier of quilling books, kits, patterns, tools, and more. We have one of the largest selections of quilling products available with over 200 selections of basic quilling paper, parchment paper, specialty papers and paper sculpture papers. We have teaching aids, quilling books, quilling tools and fringers. We have over 50 kits available for the beginners to the skilled quillers.

Online store in Canada owned by Deborah Hartin, carrying a wide variety of papers, tools, accessory papers, books, and kits from Lake City Crafts, Paplin Products, and Quilled Creations. Sign up for the monthly Store Newsletter.

Paplin Products, Inc.
Quilling supplies and more. Paplin's Quilling Paper is brightly colored, acid free and retains tension. With over 90 colors of quilling paper are available to choose from; offered in a variety of widths. They offer custom cutting and special requests and carry a complete line of quilling tools and supplies.

Quilled Creations
Quilling supplies, quilling tools, quilling kits and a wide assortment of professional quilling papers for scrapbooking, rubber stamping and more.

Quilled Keepsakes
Are you looking for someone to quill a wedding invitation? Or that teachers gift? Stop by and check out Mary Lynn's website.

Quilling Supply
Quilling Supplies carries a large selection of Quilling supplies, books, tools and craft needs.

Sherry Rodehaver's Quilling Corner
An ebay store with quilling supplies & punch flower craft supplies.

Tracy Belair Gaito - runner bean paper art
Tracy's studio site and photo gallery.

Custom quilling, quilling supplies and frames.


Online Communities

Yahoo! Groups: NAQG Member Forum
This is the forum for NAQG members. It's a great way to meet other NAQG members, exchange ideas, get helpful tips and stay informed about what's happening at NAQG.

Yahoo! Groups: Quillers & Quillpictures
"Quillers" is the main group - talk to other quillers, ask for advice or help, or join in on a quilling swap! "Quillpictures" is the sister group of "Quillers" and is for sharing photos of your work.

Quilled Creations Forum
Many helpful free quilling resources for our customers. Quillers from all over the world join together on our Quilling Forum to exchange ideas and designs with each other.  We also have a Free Product Giveaway every month.

Yahoo! Groups: Age Old Art of Quilling2
Come here to share your ideas and learn new ways of using this special paper craft. All paper crafters welcome.


Quilling Guilds

        The Dutch Quilling Guild


             The English Quilling Guild



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