Members receivfor their dues:

4 newsletters per year 


  • Access to Member's Only corner of the website, this includes:
  • Access to all historical newsletters for reference at any time
  • Full color versions of the newsletter
  • Special patterns and pictures from other members – not accessible by the general public
  • History of the NAQG and past NAQGCON / AGMs

Access to NAQG Members Facebook and Yahoo Groups

  • Quilling SWAPS with talented quillers across the world
  • Quillers who can answer your quilling questions


  • Discounted Registration to the NAQGCON which includes:
     Quilling Classes
  • Quilling Break Out Sessions
    o   Teachers volunteer their time, knowledge, and materials during the conference
    o   Quilling Classes are FREE!!! (many other organizations charge a separate fee to attend classes)
  • Special gifts to all NAQGCON attendees

New Membership package (Membership Letter with card and membership booklet) or Renewal package (MembershipLetter with card)
Discounts through various quilling suppliers
Access to quillers across the globe

Regional Reps and Board Members who:

  • Assist with any questions
  •  Promote quilling in their communities and around the globe

REMEMBER: The NAQG Board and Committees are a group of dedicated volunteers who make all of this possible.

What the NAQG asks from YOU:
Actively participate to promote quilling

  • Become active in making the NAQG everything that it can be
  • Share your knowledge
  • Share your tips, hints, and patterns
  • Share your quilling story
  • Share your passion

    This is now the opportunity to volunteer YOUR time to the NAQG. It can be something as small as a pattern to the newsletter or website or it can be on a larger scale, i.e., becoming part of the team and joining up with one of the committees.

Let's join together to keep the ART OF QUILLING alive!

Membership dues cover a one year period and are:

  • $15.00 for Online Only members
  • $27.00 for United States members
  • $40.00 for Canada and Mexico
  • $60.00 for all others
  • Membership dues are paid annually in U.S. Dollars.

New or Renewing Member? No problem, just follow these simple steps:

  • PRINT out a form and MAIL form and dues to Membership director
    • Please Note:  It may take a few days to verify your PayPal payment so please be patient.
  • Our Membership Director will contact you when your payment is received to confirm your membership and send your Membership packet described above.
    • Once your Membership has been confirmed, our webmistress will provide you access to our Members' Only area of the website.
  • We look forward to hearing from you!

The NAQG is committed to providing support and assistance to help quillers discover and perfect their quilling technique, and share information, patterns, and tips.  Membership is open to quillers of all levels and quilling enthusiasts worldwide. No matter where you live, or what your skill level, we invite you to join your fellow quillers at NAQG!

"Get the 'Knack' with the NAQG"




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