Free Quilled Love Birds Pattern
 Free Quilled Lovebirds Pattern
by NAQG member Antonella DeFalco

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(Sample shown using 1/8 inch (.3 cm) wide paper)

Use the picture for reference and for placement of the pieces

Making the Lovebirds (make 2)

  • 1 Tight roll (1.5 in, 3..8 cm) for eye
  • 1 Loose coil (6 in, 15.24 cm) for head
  • 1 Teardrop (12 in, 30.5 cm) for body
  • 1 Teardrop (4 in, 10.2 cm) for wing
  • 1 Strip (2.5 in, 6.4 cm) alternately loop for tail
  • 1 Tiny strip folded in half for beak 

Making the Tree Branch

  • 9 C-scrolls (2 in, 5 cm) 


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