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The North American Quilling Guild NAQGCON 2009
(formerly known as the AGM)!

The NAQGCON (a.k.a. AGM) is a wonderful opportunity to meet other quillers, see their work and learn new techniques and applications for quilling.

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What: The NAQGCON 2009

When: May 1 - 3, 2009

Where: Sheraton Suites Tampa Airport, Tampa Florida 

Please click here if you are interested in hosting the NAQGCON in 2010 or 2011!

I am your host this year; my name is Lois Bandt Weber. The 2009 conference will be held May1-3, 2009 at the Sheraton Suites Tampa Airport, 4400 West Cypress, in Tampa, Florida. 33607.  Rooms will be priced at $109.00 and all of the rooms in the hotel are suite type rooms. If you are considering attending, you should reserve your room early by calling 1 888 713 3330. Be sure to let them know you are reserving your room for the North American Quilling Guild Conference so you can get the special room rate of $109.00. IT DOES NOT COST ANYTHING TO MAKE OR CANCEL ROOM RESERVATIONS (cancellations should be made with 24 hours of your scheduled stay). All conference events will be held at the hotel. (competition, workshops/classes, public hours)  Hotel reservations must be made no later than April 10, 2009.

The NAQG Conference is a very special event. In addition to getting an opportunity to meet other quillers from all over the world, you will able to see their work and learn and try new techniques. At this time I do not have a class schedule; I am waiting for you to tell me what you might be interested in giving a class/workshop on. The general schedule of a NAQGCON goes something like this. Most people arrive sometime on Thursday, register and meet & greet old and new friends. Friday is a day of classes/workshops and viewing competition pieces. Vendors will usually set up their booths so they are available Friday night and all day Saturday. Quillers set up their individual displays on Saturday morning; the day is spent admiring all of the beautiful quilling, giving & attending demos, and having the public come in to view the beautiful art on display. The voting and announcement of competition winners also takes place on Saturday. Sunday brunch is followed by more open quilling and/or demos and then those quillers who are not extending their stay leave for home. During the whole time of the conference, the Hospitality room is open for quilling/learning/visiting.

The competition is open to all NAQG members whether or not they plan to attend the conference. If you are planning to submit work for the competition, please read the guidelines (enclosed) and let me know in advance. The pieces must be safely packaged and mailed to me (with return postage) at least 1 week before the conference so I will be able to determine how much space is needed for display.

There are usually "giveaways" and sometimes an auction at the conference.  If you plan on donating any items please let me know and mark any items you send so I know which are to be used for giveaways/auction and which items are for the competition. If you are planning to attend, let me know if you are willing to be a greeter (to meet the public), give a demo, work on "make it take its", or again possibly teach a class/workshop. These events take a lot of work and planning so any help you might be able to give will make my job a little easier.

Each year the event seems to get bigger and better. Thanks to the generosity of the members who volunteer their services and their expertise, we are able to offer a variety of classes/workshops at no extra charge. Please remember to pack your own quilling tools, glue, scissor etc (they can travel in your checked luggage) and extra paper to try out all of the new things you will see and learn. I am waiting to hear from you.  You can reach me by phone at 352 323 8939 or via email with your questions.

Your 2009 NAQGCON Host
Lois Bandt Weber

If Interested, here are the 2009 NAQGCON Forms & Information

NAQGCON Information Information about the 2008 NAQGCON,  PDF format

NAQGCON Registration Form Come and join us, use this form to register,  PDF format

NAQGCON Competition Guidelines Thinking about entering your work? Here is information about this year's categories. Please bring some of your work, PDF format

Competition Registration Form - Let us know you are going to compete, PDF format

Have questions about the 2009 NAQGCON? Contact the 2008 NAQGCON hostess Lois Brandt-Weber!

















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