The North American Quilling Guild Conference NAQGCON
formerly known as the Annual Guild Meeting (AGM)

The 19th Annual Meeting: 2012

Hosted by:

Kay Charles


May 2012


Lancaster, PA

2012 AGM Report: Republished from the Quill America Newsletter

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Information about the event
(Please Note: This event has passed,
and this information is provided for historical reference only)

General Information about the NAQGCON. PDF document

NAQGCON Event Registration Form: Are you planning to come to this year's event? Please, join us. Be sure to fill out this form and return it per instructions on the form. PDF document

NAQGCON Competition Guidelines: Thinking about entering your work? Here is information about this year's categories. PDF document

NAQGCON Competition Registration Form: If you intend to enter the competition(s), please fill out this form and mail or bring your entry(ies) with you. PDF document

Class List: Attending the NAQGCON? Don't forget to pick your classes.  None available.

Directions to NAQGCON Location: Interested in attending, but not sure how to get there? None available.

Other Information and Attractions. Our hostess has pulled together some information for fun places to go and things to see.  None available.