The North American Quilling Guild Conference NAQGCON
formerly known as the Annual Guild Meeting (AGM)

The 18th Annual Meeting: 2011

Hosted by:

Gail Freed


May 2011


Newport Beach, CA

2011 AGM Report: Republished from the Quill America Newsletter

The conference this year was special in many ways and it was an honor for me to host it in California. I did not have any local help when I began this undertaking, but I ended up having the best team ever, everyone who attended! I thank you all for your support and help; I could not have done it without you. Attendance was not high this year, so getting to know each other was much easier and because each person made their own unique name tags, remembering who was who was also easier.

The schedule of classes was a little different this year. I had seven classes scheduled and no one had to choose classes. The wonderful teachers, Sherry Rodehaver, Lucia Sinning (taught two classes), Olive Moore, Carol Stevens, Allie Harris and Shelly Krzyzewski, were great about having everyone stay seated and only the teachers changed. My sincerest thanks to them, and to Marion Bertaut and Alli Bartkowski for all the labor, time and expense they put into making up each class kit.

A special time during the classes was when Sherry Rodehaver presented Helen Pierce with her NAQG Accreditation Certificate; kudos to Helen on her achievement.

The NAQG 10th Anniversary Floral Tribute was a high point of the conference, as were the members who attended who contributed some of the flowers. Words cannot describe all the amazing varieties of flowers and the talent of everyone that contributed to it. We were so fortunate to be able to see it in person. Helen and Floyd Pierce did a remarkable job of packing it all and sending it ahead for the presentation. I am very happy to say that not a single flower, stem or leaf was disturbed, bent, misshapen, or came loose during its shipment to California.

In addition to hosting the conference, I also had the competition to oversee. I cannot thank my sister, Barbara, enough for all her help. Thank you also to Kay Charles for sending me everything I needed. This year was the first time for the jewelry category and it was not disappointing. Each year it gets harder to vote.

I have so many more to thank, starting with my friend and roommate, Lucia, who did so much to help from so far away. Thank you to the vendors, Carol Stevens on behalf of Quilled Creations and Starr's Crafts, and Sherry Rodehaver. Thank you to all who donated items for the raffle, we raised $270. Thank you to Peter Devine (Gina Jiang's husband) who I volunteered to draw names during the raffle and to everyone that took photos of everything. My thanks also to Olive Moore for selling raffle tickets and to Rhonda Cole for her vendor assistance.

My thanks to Barbara Machado and Laura Olohan for your guidance throughout the year, to Kay Shockley-Davis, Sue Palmer and Lois Bandt-Weber for their patience answering all my questions umpteen times. Allie Harris for the lovely rose pins she made for each member and to Amna Al Fard (Fringing Queen) for all the wonderful gift tags she made and sent for everyone.

Lastly, thank you to Donna Walp of the Radisson Hotel, for donating all the goodie bags and making our stay at the hotel a memorable one. I apologize in advance if I have forgotten anyone.

I hope to see many of you at the next conference.





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