The North American Quilling Guild Conference (NAQGCON)
formerly known as the Annual Guild Meeting (AGM)

The 16th Annual Guild Meeting (AGM)

2009 AGM

Hosted by: Lois Bandt Weber
When: May 2009
Where: Tampa, Florida

2009 AGM Report: Republished from the Quill America Newsletter

Let The Good Times Roll: And So They Did

Those of you who couldn't come to the 2009 NAQGCON missed a really good time.

Registration began on Thursday. Want to know something wonderful about my job as hostess? I GOT TO MEET & KNOW EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU! In the past I had only met a few quillers.

Friday, classes were held. We didn't have a whole lot of teachers, but enough for everyone to learn a new technique. Special thanks to Elaine Altemos, Alli Bartkowski, Marion Bertaut & Kay Charles ( who taught two different classes). There hasn't been any national conference where people didn't discover something new and wonderful. For future reference, PLEASE consider teaching. It's so rewarding for you, the teacher. Yes, there is preparation and some work, but so worth it.

A very good deli buffet lunch was enjoyed by all at noon. Dinner was on your own Friday night, with hotel shuttles taking you to either of two malls.

Later, we set up for competition. It was quite a project for me as I had mail-in entries from Japan and China and several from the states to place in the right categories, and some of them were award pieces. From Brenda Thacker, after being told she won twice, came an e-mail that said in part: "OMG!!! I've never won anything before. Picture fat old lady doing victory dance!! I almost didn't send anything in." Members--take note for next year: If times are still difficult, mail your work to us. We want to see all the quilling we can.

Saturday included voting in the morning. It was so hard to choose. Later, tables were filled with individual displays. Again, the Oooh' s & Ahhs. Our members from overseas always amaze us, as do our own artists.

Visitors started to come in about 1:00 pm. Of course, I failed to put out the "Short History of Quilling," so we did a lot of explaining. Sorry, I couldn't get everything right.

One family came in from Orlando who had read about us on the internet. We found that Grandma, who spoke only Spanish, has been quilling for 10 years. You never saw any 3" figurines that were more perfectly done than hers, down to shoe laces and other details. We have her granddaughter's e-mail address, so that we might be able to include Grandma at some area mini-meet. I hope Ev Rooney includes pictures of these figures in the next Quill America .

Talking about Ev Rooney--I begged and pleaded with her to attend, and she came through (I'm a lousy photographer). THANK YOU, EV !!

3:00 pm was award time. Such excitement you never saw. There were whoops and laughing and crying! Congratulations to each of you! All who entered were also winners.

Next came the Raffle. We must have had about 50 items on that table. Gerda Mooney's sister, Elizabeth West, and Nancy Jensen from San Diego did a superb job of selling tickets. We made $201.00 for NAQG. Hurray for us! It seems that quite a few people won more than once, much to the chagrin of the others. Again--much laughing and dancing around. Haven't seen anything yet until you see Lucia Sinning from Spain dancing! She's a real sweetheart, and is a very good quiller.

Finally we came to our farewell dinner. So happy--so sad. Such great memories to take home with us, and tales to relate to our home members. If it was illness or the economy that kept you from being with us, we feel badly that you couldn't join us. Maybe next year.

Thanks especially to the Conference Committee who guided me along the way. I hope I didn't miss anyone who helped. I do also want to thank my ladies from Leesburg who were so much help with name tags, including one hubby who helped with the name list and tags. They are: Emma Kane (Auntie Em); Carolyn Smith; Lorrie Sythes; Joanne Millner; Nancy Waller; & Mary Lou Cook. Everyone should have such friends. Couldn't have done it without you.

Next year, who knows? We have one possibility for a site, but a lot depends on the economy. We may have had only 50 attendees, but all areas of the country and the world were well represented. So don't be afraid to try to host a NAQGCON event. Notice I didn't call it a JOB!! It was my pleasure.

On a personal note: I am retiring from competition as I have been awarded 10 times, including 1st and 2nd places and three "People's Choice ? in 5 years. Thank you, God, for giving me my talent.


Your 2009 NAQGCON Host

Lois Bandt Weber


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