The North American Quilling Guild Conference (NAQGCON)
formerly known as the Annual Guild Meeting (AGM)

The 15th Annual Guild Meeting (AGM)

2008 AGM

Hosted by: Sue Palmer
When: May 2008
Where: Warwick, Rhode Island

2008 AGM Report: Republished from the Quill America Newsletter

Well the 2008 AGM is in the books and I hope everyone had a great time. A plethora of classes were offered (24 in all, 25 if you count Sherry Rodehaver teaching her mystery class twice) from "Alternate Side Looping" to "What Else Can I Do with Quilling Strips?" and everything in between. New ideas and techniques were introduced and some favorites with a new twist were quite welcome to new quillers and more experienced quillers alike. I was lucky enough to take a class with my "Rock Star" Betty Tremaine who not only celebrated a birthday while at the AGM, she shared her unequalled talent of "feathering" with a very willing group of students. Claire Choi also celebrated a birthday while sharing her butterflies and potpourri sachets and Ev Rooney celebrated her 50th anniversary with her husband Hugh. She also took time out to teach and be the official photographer of the AGM as well.

Friday was quite hectic as classes ran from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. A fantastic dinner followed as well as a raffle and silent auction. Many thanks to all who cleaned out their closets and made the raffle fun. Barb Machado, Kathy Wozniak and Lois Bandt-Weber were demons selling, ripping, tearing and stuffing tickets into the box. Special thanks to Scott - JoAnn Price's daughter's boyfriend, for being our "official" raffle caller.

To all who donated to the silent auction, thank you for making it such a success. Elaine Altemose's beautiful hat and Dema Simieri's Rhode Island Red Rooster, made their way home with Christina Beggs who was fierce in her bidding and was like a kid in a candy store when she finally prevailed in the end.

Sherry Rodehaver from Quilling Corner, Pat Caputo from Whimsiquills, and Bobbye Singer from Quill You Be Mine provided a wonderful spot for shoppers to splurge. The punches, papers, card designs and so much more were all any quiller could ever want.

Saturday started off with Donna DelGiudice leading the Annual Business Meeting. Many subjects were covered and Donna will fill you in in her column. The competition pieces were voted on and once again Kay Charles and Gerda Mooney did a terrific job with the competition portion of the weekend. Their coordination of the event (although very hectic) was once again pulled off with finesse and aplomb.

Lunch (another wonderful meal) was served and the competition winners announced. Congratulations to all the winners (see Kay's column). A special thank you to Brenda Rhodes for graciously donating a very special piece of pottery for the People's Choice Award winner.

After lunch it was organized chaos as all of the quillers setting up their displays. While some showed their amazing work, others sat and demonstrated new products, techniques and helped some participants catch up on any classes they may have missed.

The girls from British Columbia, Claire Choi, Evangeline Enns, Joan Rombough and Jean Smith occupied the whole entire banquet section sharing their works! Brenda Rhodes from the United Kingdom, gave an eloquent speech on the need to preserve our ART for future generations.

We had a tremendous number of visitors stop by during the Public Viewing hours. Many were not sure what to expect, but all came away totally in awe of the collective artists and their work. I even heard a comment on how amazing it was to actually see artists creating.

On Sunday morning a farewell breakfast was held and everyone parted excited about future AGMs to come.

I personally want to thank all the teachers, Sherry Rodehaver, Bobbye Singer, Claire Choi, Pat Caputo, Evangeline Enns, Lois Bandt-Weber, Betty Tremaine, Ev Crane, Danielle Pray, Jean Smith, Jill Van Dieren, Kay Charles, Elaine Altemose, Maggie Nakatani, Rita Anderson, Ev Rooney, Joan Rombough, Antonella DeFalco and Donna DelGiudice for sharing their time, materials, and talents.

Thank you to all the employees of the Radisson Hotel for making our stay extremely satisfying. To the girls from Japan - Maggie Nakatani, Midori Sato, Kuniko Shimane and Toyomi Hinago thank you from all with those whom you shared gifts. Thanks to Bobbye for taking road trips, Pat for laughter and wisdom, Judy Hall for believing in me enough to send in the first registration and Barb Machado for always being there when I needed her.

Thanks to who attended and made it a memorable weekend. I hope to see you in 2009.


Your 2008 Host
Sue Palmer


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