The North American Quilling Guild Conference (NAQGCON)
formerly known as the Annual Guild Meeting (AGM)

The 12th Annual Guild Meeting (AGM)

2005 AGM

Hosted by: Rhonda Cole
When: May 2005
Where: San Diego, California

2005 AGM Report: Republished from the Quill America Newsletter

"How do you describe the AGM? Maybe the best way is to start at the beginning. The first time a group of us got together was for a Saturday afternoon where we had lunch, a chance to see each other´s work, and a slide presentation about the English Guild´s First International Festival of Quilling. Each year the AGM continues to grow and just keeps getting better. This year, Rhonda Cole (and her husband Don) hosted the event in beautiful San Diego, CA and what an outstanding job they did. We followed the blown-up photos of outstanding quilling through the lobby and down to the registration area. We started registration at noon on Friday afternoon, where we all received quilled name tags, programs and a bag of goodies. There were lots of bags and greetings as many of the attendees moved right into the Balboa room and started sharing.

There were lots of classes to choose from including teaching techniques, miniature quilling and watercolors, quilling and stamping, calligraphy, onion holder angels, matting and framing, husking and origami to name a few."


Your 2005 Host
Rhonda Cole.


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