The North American Quilling Guild Conference (NAQGCON)
formerly known as the Annual Guild Meeting (AGM)

The 9th Annual Guild Meeting (AGM)

2002 AGM

Hosted by: Bruce Yanoshek
When: May 2002
Where: Ft. Mitchell, KY

2002 AGM Report from Host:  Bruce Yanoshek

"The best part of the get together for me was getting to meet with our quilling friends and seeing their work in person. I cannot even begin to describe some of the pieces shown there. Talk about a quillers paradise! There was everything from miniatures to our patriotic tribute on display for a steady stream of public viewing pleasure.

The personalities of our friends are just unprecedented. I would highly recommend everyone to do whatever you can to get there next year and just experience it for yourselves. I guarantee you a wonderful time, and an event you won't ever want to miss it again."


Your 2002 Host
Bruce Yanoshek.


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