The North American Quilling Guild Conference (NAQGCON)
formerly known as the Annual Guild Meeting (AGM)

The 6th Annual Guild Meeting (AGM)

1999 AGM

Hosted by: Bruce Yanoshek
When: May 1999
Where: Ft. Mitchell, KY

1999 AGM Report from Host:  Bruce Yanoshek

I have pretty much recovered from the AGM. I am re-charging the batteries for my camera, so I can load the pictures into the computer to send to you. I don't think I'll get the chance to make a webpage for them, so I'll just send them to Quillpictures, and Cindy (our list archivist) will keep them for us. You would all love to have met Cindy. She is so sweet and pretty, and talkative (Ooooh, she'll hate me for saying that, but she can't deny it). Also in attendance from our list were Carol Stevens, Sherry Rodehaver and her husband Ray, Anne TOT/QOQ (who was observed holding court at the Friday night party - I wish I had gotten a picture of that!), Nancy Klarer, Nancy Thomson and Paige and her husband, Lee. Sonya Black had signed up for it, but her husband had a heart attack (I think I remember that correctly) about a week ago. Let us know how he's doing, Sonya.  Bobbye Singer, who some of us know from AOL was here, but her husband couldn't come, because he, too, is in the hospital.

As Cindy reported, everyone was as nice, generous, and helpful as everyone knows we all are, so there were no surprises there. (I did joke on Friday night about "what would it be like if SHE were here" and we had a good laugh). As host, I received some nice little gifts from some of the sweeties, and the whole group contributed and bought me an afghan/blanket with horses on it - really nice, and soft cotton. I will enjoy reading the card that everyone signed with a little note.

We had 10 visitors during the "open to the public" time. Four were friends of mine (One of whom just couldn't imagine 45 quillers in one place - She has a hard enough time imagining 45 quillers even existing), and three were quillers who live not far away and wanted to make their existence known.


Your 1999 Host
Bruce Yanoshek.


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