The North American Quilling Guild Conference (NAQGCON)
formerly known as the Annual Guild Meeting (AGM)

The 1st Annual Guild Meeting (AGM)

1994 AGM

Hosted by: Mary-Alice Kattwinkel
When: June 1994
Where: Clifton, New Jersey

1994 AGM Report: Republished from the Fall 1994 Quill America newsletter

The First Annual General Meeting (AGM) of Quill America members was held in Clifton, New Jersey in June. The meeting was initially planned as a reunion meeting for those American quillers who went to England in 1993 and mushroomed into something totally different.

Under the able leadership of Mary-Alice Kattwinkel, who served as "social director" and a group of avid New Jersey quillers, a whole weekend of activities was planned.

Eighteen people attended, Jinny and Julian Alexander (Rochester, NY), Sheila Brockman and her daughter Yana (Portsmouth, VA), Pat Caputo (Enfield, CT), Malinda and Jim Johnston (Highlandville, MO), Rick & Wil Whitman (Ellington, CT). The New Jersey hosts were Rita and Gene Anderson (Nutley) Donna DelGiudice (Verona), Mary-Alice and Walter Katwinkel (Clifton), Evelyn Roney (Cedar Grove), Bobbye and Dave Singer (Passaic Park), and Lucille Wiederman (Clifton).

" The consensus seams to have been that it was a fun and enlightening weekend when we gathered in Clifton, NJ for our Quilling Reunion in June. The festivities began friday evening when the out-of-towers gathered at the Kattwinkel's home to enjoy a buffet dinner hosted by the local quillers. It was and evening of food and drink and warm camaraderie. It provided an opportunity for our local membership to get to know our out-of-town guests and vice versa, and a chance to reminisce about England and the First International Quilling Festival .

Saturday dawned sparkling clear and found us at Howard Johnson's where we enjoyed an outstanding display of everyone's work, along with slide presentations: first, by Jinny Alexander covering "A History of Quilling" and "The Story of Paper": next, by Bobbye Singer, of "Antoque Quilling Examples from England"; and finally, by Jim Johnston covering him and Malinda's journey to Scotland and England for the annual guild meeting last year. The program was followed by lunch and then a period of exchanging ideas and techniques. Everyone becane so involved, that it was close to four o'clock when the meeting ended.

Thanks to everyone's enthusiastic involvement, the weekend seems to have been a great success!"


Your 1994 Hostess
Mary-Alice Kattwinkel.


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